How Many Bundles should I provide for my custom unit?

* For Closure / Upart / Frontal  Units 3 Bundles are suggested for lengths 10"-24"  for lengths 26-30+, 4 bundles (This is Not a requirement just suggested).

How are Units Secured?

* Upart Units can be secured with combs or with out combs by Sewing down. 

*Closure / Glueless Frontal Units are secured with an Elastic band that secures the unit down to the head to avoid sliding back through out the day. Combs can also be added to the back of the unit for added security.

* Frontal Units are secured with an elastic band to secure the unit but also give control for easier install. Frontal units MUST be glued down an inch away from the hairline for security. Combs can also be added to the back of the unit for added security. 

First time wig wearer's , what do you suggest? CLOSURES OR FRONTALS?

* First time wearers I HIGHLY suggest a Closure unit. Closure units require NO GLUE, NO PROFESSIONAL INSTALL, NO HIGH MAINTENANCE. Closure units can be taken on and off anytime. I also would suggest a Glueless frontal are also a great option as well but there is some maintenance.  

How would I wear my hair under my unit?

* The Key to a Natural , undetectable install is to get your hair as flat as possible. I recommend clean, small flat braids. If your in a hurry 2 simple cornrows to the back and wig cap to flatten the braids is also a commendation.

How are Custom units customized? How will I know it will fit my head?!

* Custom units by SlaylikeV are made specifically for YOUR head size and shape. Clients will measure their head by taking a measuring tape and measure the circumference of their head. The measurement you get will be used for me to choose the right cap size to fit you perfectly. Cap sizes I have available are 20"-24".

How long will my unit last?

* When sewing my units I make sure the wefts are sewed tightly and close to ensure of no loose tracks and or strings. With proper care , your unit can last 12+ Months. Closure and Frontals will shed and bald over time no matter how good the quality may be. Your Closure or Frontal may be replaced in 10+ Months.